Felony Murder is a criminal offence enshrined in section 189 California Penal Code.

You can be charged with felony murder if you participate in a dangerous felony, such as a robbery, that results in a killing.

You can be convicted even if you were not the killer; simply by participating in an underlying crime that leads to death.

PLEA is about a plea bargain falling apart in South LA Juvenile Court.

Jill Sandy, Public Defender, is landed with a serious case and an impossible client. Casper Avila has been charged with Felony Murder following a liquor store shoplifting gone wrong. Casper got in a confrontation with the shopkeeper whilst trying to steel beer, the shopkeeper fired his gun. The bullet missed Casper, hitting and killing a bystander. As far as Casper's concerned, he is not a murderer, he didn' t shoot anybody. 

On the surface, Jill has nothing in common with Casper, a Latino group home kid. However, the two share the same sense of fairness, recognizing the underdog spirit in each other. The problem is that they have completely opposing objectives. Casper wants to take his case to trial, where Sandy knows he will lose. She wants him to plead guilty, take a 7 year deal in juvee and avoid 25 years to life in adult  prison.

Casper refuses to take Sandy's advice. As the conflict between lawyer and client becomes increasingly fraught, Jill will find that defending this client is going to mean breaking him, in the process will she herself break?